A Smarter Way To Pay And Insure Your Crew

Insurance Confusion

How do you pay the project-based technicians that work on your projects?  Do they have their own Workers Comp and Liability Insurance or do you provide their coverage?

In the AV industry, companies typically choose from two options:

(1)  Pay them through payroll as Part Time As Needed employees and include them in the company’s Workers Comp policy.  It’s simple to process and fulfills the need to show coverage.  But did you know this adds 30% – 45% in additional fees per technician?

(2)  Pay them directly as 1099 contractors and pray that either nothing happens to them on the project (since no one checked to see if they have coverage) or hope they’ve found the rare project-based tech that carries their own insurance?

Fortunately, more and more leading AV companies are discovering a smarter way to pay project-based technicians.  As a result, they are unlocking new growth potential for their business by lowering costs, expanding their technician pool, and reducing their insurance liability worries.

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Save To Grow In 2014

Save To Grow


Economic Conditions in 2014 are looking up for both the overall US economy as well as small businesses.  The Consumer Confidence Index has steadily improved since 2010.  AV consultant Tom Stimson of The Stimson Group is forecasting industry growth in both AV Integration and Rental & Staging.

So 2014 looks promising.  It’s time to invest in people, equipment, and marketing.

But… where will that investment come from?


Cost Reduction Strategy

Fortune 1000 companies are using a strategy of Saving To Grow to invest in growth areas in order to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.  In 2014, these cost reductions will go towards growing sales vs. the 2009 cost reduction strategy of trying to survive.

While companies will use traditional cost reductions such as streamlining processes, reducing non-critical headcount, and reallocating spending, they are also looking at bigger strategic moves such as changing the business configuration, increasing integration, and outsourcing services.

So it’s more than just cutting costs. It’s technology and efficiency improvements that will free up funds AND help the business operate at a higher level.


Crew Differently And Save

At MertzCrew, we believe we can help on all fronts.  We save our clients 15%-30% in administrative costs when they contract their AV crews with us.  Our cloud-based service manages the crew’s contracts, insurance, and payments faster and more efficiently, making the crew happier and reducing your costs.

We also improve communications and reduce mistakes.  Everyone always works from the same information that is accessible anywhere on any device.  This is critical, especially when your clients finally approve the project just before the actual start date!

Finally, we can grow with you.  We serve large national clients with projects all over the US.  We also serve regional clients that execute a few projects each year.  We can flex up or down depending on your needs at no additional cost to you.


Get Started Today!

Make sure sales growth is one of your highest 2014 priorities.  And be sure to contact us so we can help you unlock savings to fund your sales plans AND improve your execution.

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Open Projects for AV Techs

*Sample of Open Positions on MertzCrew over past 6 months

*Sample of Open Positions on MertzCrew over past 6 months


Are you looking to get more AV Project work?  Then you may be interested in Open Projects on MertzCrew.  Open Projects are roles on Corporate and Integration projects that are only available to AV technicians who are registered with MertzCrew.  The process works very simply:

  • A MertzCrew client posts what they need for their project
  • Interested techs submit their interest and a proposal for the client’s consideration
  • Clients contact interested AV Techs so they can choose the right person for their project.

MertzCrew clients have successfully used Open Projects to find a variety of technicians all across United States.  Some clients use Open Projects for all of their positions, while other clients use it to fill in remaining positions once their personal Rolodex is exhausted.

ALL of our clients have told us that the technicians who respond the fastest with the best profiles tend to be the techs they choose.

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Words of Wisdom

Orlando Rental & Staging Roadshow 2013


Full Sail University recently hosted the Rental & Staging Road Show in Orlando, FL with industry speakers covering topics from pre-production to the integration of new technologies in show production.

The highlight of the event was a roundtable of industry leaders entitled “Are You Ready For A New Staging Industry Landscape?”  The speakers (pictured above) were: Matthew Carson (PRG), Colin Murphy (Bungalow Scenic Studios), Les Goldberg (LMG), and Tom Kervitsky (TEK Productions).

Overall, the main theme was that the industry is changing across clients, equipment, and crew.  While they covered a variety of topics, the three areas that stuck out the most were innovation, the state of our industry, and advice for AV Techs.

Click below to read what they said in the roundtable.

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Freelancer Freedom


I want you to love freedom.

Love the freedom that a freelancer life provides.  Love the flexibility to pick and choose where you work, how you work, and for whom you work.

Oh…  and I want you to love the financial rewards of freelancing too.

But just like everything in life that looks and sounds wonderful and seems like it’s the answer to all your hopes and dreams…  I want you to understand the challenges and watch-outs that come with being a freelancer.

Read on to learn how you can navigate the path of a freelancer career so you can enjoy the benefits it provides.

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Innovation Leader or Innovation Roadkill?


If you’re a business owner or key decision maker in your company, you’re responsible for making sure your business is growing.

Growing Clients.  Growing Revenue.  Growing Profits.

You know growth doesn’t just happen by itself.  When you incrementally grow your business, chances are you brought some level of innovation to the way you typically do things.  You bought a new piece of equipment to serve new clients.  You acquired a new capability that cut costs.  You convinced an existing client to try something new in their show.

The question isn’t whether you innovate or not. It’s whether innovation is a one-time event or part of your business DNA?

Read on to learn how to make innovation part of everything your company does.

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Stand Out, Freelancers!

Stand Out!

You’re a freelancer.  You can make AV magic happen.  You know the latest equipment and your regular clients are happy with the services you perform.

But when it comes to getting new clients, you just can’t seem to get any traction.  You’ve gotten recommendations, you’re on LinkedIn, and you’ve told every person you know in AV that you’re available for projects.  But nothing seems to work.

Read on to see how you can increase the chances of getting picked up more. Continue Reading

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MertzCrew Is Changing The Game

MertzCrew is making waves in the live-event industry.  We are changing the way Rental Companies, Producers, and AV Installers contract freelancers so they can focus on their core businesses.  We are doing this in a way that benefits and respects the freelancers that are the very backbone of the live event & AV Industry.

So how do we do it?  What makes us special?  Read on to learn how we will answer this and more.

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